Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boyfriend’s shirt remake

My boyfriend bought this shirt from an outlet at a very low price, after wearing it once he said I don’t like it anymore and it hanged for more then an year in the closet. When he reorganized his dresser he wanted to throw it away.
When he bought the shirt I loved it’s cowboy look, and then I thought the cowboy look works for girls too.
Voala my boyfriend’s shirt remake. My new country shirt.

This is the graphic design of how the shirt looked like before. I don’t have a picture, but the difference is that now it’s slimmer am fitted to my size.

I have cut the sleeves out.

I have resized the pattern using another shirt I had. I have cut the excess fabric. 
The sleeves were too big and I have sewed them to my size. 
I have made 2 darts in front and 2 at the back to make the shirt slimmer.

I have sewed the darts in front and back. 
I have sewed back the sleeves and finish.

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