Saturday, June 4, 2011

Simple as 123 top

I have been dreaming at an ancient Greek style top/dress for a while. Then I have started dreaming about the Turkish holiday.
A simple top/dress with a navy blue long belt. Perfect as a dress for my Turkish vacation and casual with jeans as a top.
It is said that the name of turquoise color comes from Turkey, from the beautiful blue they have.

How it's made? Read the instructions below.

Step 1 — Measure yourself

Bust – 2
Hip – 4
Upper bust – 11

Step 2 The pattern
In the image are the dimensions in cm, but if you want the top to fit you perfect you have to measure yourself and your dimensions will be:
  • X=(bust + 15 cm) / 4 or X=(bust + 6 inch) / 4. For me the X=25cm. Seam allowance included.
  • Y=(hip + 25 cm) / 4 or Y=(hip + 10 inch) / 4. For me Y=30cm.
  • Z=(upper bust + 5 cm) / 2 or Z=(upper bust + 2 inch) / 2. For me Z=45cm

And the length of the top it’s the same for any measure 55cm(22 inches) for the front part and 50cm(20inches) for the back of the top. Or you can make it any length you want.

The long blue belt it’s 4cm(1.5 inch) width and 320cm(126 inch) long. These are the final dimensions after sewing. The cutting dimensions are: width=10cm(4 inch) and length 320cm(126 inch).

Seam allowance it’s included for all the dimensions.

Step 3 Cut and sew

This is the way it closes at the back. I have left 10 cm (4 inches) open at the back, and as you can see I have used 2 buttons. I wanted to keep it very simple, but if you want, you can use a zipper.

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